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Sunday, October 18, 2009

hi all i change my blog link to http://rabbitlovemrpig.wordpress.com/ ^^

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
4:12 PM
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

okie there's something wrong with my blogger... dammit..

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
11:18 PM
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

First thing to say.. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE"
Singapore had reached its 44th bday.. haha... old le.. LOL..
feel like going to the parade.. haha..
oh... 8th of Aug.. went to watch the movie "UP" with anjing..
haha we went for 3D hoho!!.. first time watched 3D movie. haha..
the movie okie la... actually a bit lost... cuz of the cloud short film..
and the part where the old man came from... haha.. but okie nia la to me..
after that we went home.. it was quite surprise cuz we watched a 9pm show
and where everyone attend..!! cuz normally we watch late movie..
only the 4 of us.. haha..

then we took a group @ 3rd level.. haha we saw xin hui's fren

so qiao cuz fri i juz saw her @ SIM.. haha.. realli very qiao..
after the photo we all SHOO..!! and went home..

7th of Aug... haha PAYDAY... aNd i declared bankrupt...LOL
need to control my spending... cuz realli overspend every month..

went New York New York for dinner... think back..

quite long nv went to a decent restaurant for dinner..

haha.. Dear Dear..!! haha..

then on tues after work went Darling's place for steamboat..
but too bad cindy cannot joined us... haha.. aNd they bought a lot of food

actually still hv prawns.. but when prawns was ready

all of us were too hungry so nv took pic.. haha...
seem like the dish was quite little but actually we can't finish.. haha

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
12:35 AM
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

27th of July meet up with Anjing..!! haha...
all of us damn broke... requested that we had something
budget... so we meet up @ orchard...
aNd ruiwen and soo sing was late.. of my...!! hahhaha..
while waiting for dem.. the four of us went to decide
what to eat in ion.. haha.... Puaysan wanna to hv something
different... haha... so we decided to had our dinner @
Asian Food.. can't remember the name.. oh and i saw kor..
haha always so qiao will saw him one.. he on his way to sushi tei
so ke lian... he after work still hv to go for another job...
he look so shagged.. haha...

while eating... we tok a lot... haha... seem like
we realli hv to meet once a month.. so ke lian lor..
this key chain is from ruiwen... is a very special
key chain.. that all our key chain joined tgt aNd form a
house.. haha hOpe that our friendship or next time we
stay near each other..!! haha.. then jia lat.. that level damn noisy

haha camwhoring.. haha see soo sing & puaysan

in all three pic right they smiled differently in each pic..

then our turn... we not as zhi lian as dem... haha

then after the dinner we went walk walk....
due to our noise level... the table behind us kept
looking back.. haiz..!! why like that.. why always kanna
this kind of thing whereva we go... haiz... then
haha went for some walk... aNd aNd we saw LS..!!
long time nv saw him tOo.. haha he working there...
haha.... maybe next time can go there find him and buy thing
from him.. hoho..!!

oh this is the ion toilet... to me like a runway... haha..

cuz is a simple toilet runway.. haha.. imagine i'm a model..
haha... victoria secret model.. haha.. LOL..

as usual toilet is the place where we get mad & crazy..

aNd photos time!! hoho.... ii love this pic... haha so diff
from all the pic that we took b4... i feel like a movie poster..
haha.. then puaysan said like wu jian dao.. haha Lol... the front
one is Police then the behind one is triad.. hoho!! cfm kanna say..

GROUP PIC!!.. hahah...that day end well... found a

comfortable place sit and chat.. like 100years nv
tok to each other le... haha then puaysan left lst..
forgotten she need to go work.. haha.. our next outing 8th..

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
12:09 AM
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh sat went out for dinner.. aNd realli fee like eating
popeyes.. haha so we went down to erM marina square there..
then i forgotten that they having rehearsal... so walk damn far
to reach our destination... haha.. while we walking toward there..
we saw a number of airplane la.. then haha i nv upload here
aNd i saw the TANKS..!! sO cool sia.. realli very cool..

ppl in the stadium singing our national anthem.. haha

finally @ popeyes.. qutie crowded.. okie la.. then dear went
to order.. haha...

here come my DINNER.. HOHO...!!

TADAH... tOo potatoes le.. my silly mr pig..
change all to fries when the whipped potato went out of stock..
ARGH..!! damn sad went all the way becuz of their whipped potato le..

after the lst round of firework finish... we took our pic..

another one.. hoho..

see dear is looking @ the firework instead of the cam..
indeed firework very very nice.. haha nice & beautiful..
juz nice that day was our 2years and 1month and we saw firework..

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
12:43 AM
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Monday, July 27, 2009


♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
12:12 PM
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

actually wanna to update my last week activities..
but went to yahoo saw the news of MJ ytd memorial
kinda sad... after watching her daugther Paris words
to him realli made me cry... didn't know why but feel kinda sad..
watching his 30th anniversary concert.. realli envy those
ppl that went for his concert... his dance his move and his voice
realli fantastic... you are truly King of POP... maybe some don
agree.. but i truly believed you are..!!

R.I.P MJ...

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
1:44 PM
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